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Below are some of the scripts / code snippets I have developed in various times:

SimpleXMLRequest: Android Volley's XML Class

SimpleXMLRequest extends Android's Volley Library to add XML Parsing support which isn't officially supported.

Script is used by the following Apps:
Serenity for Android

Download from Gist/Github

ezMark: jQuery Plugin for styling Checkbox / Radiobutton

ezMark is a jQuery Plugin that allows you to stylize Radio button & Checkbox easily. It's very small (~1.5kb).

Featured on:
Tripwire Magazine: 45 Useful jQuery Plugins,
Pixel Curse: 130 Best jQuery plugins
HTML Drive: jQuery ezmark, and other places.

Read More View Demo Download from Github

imdbGrabber: A PHP Class that grabs Imdb Details for Movies

imdbGrabber is a PHP Grabbing class that grabs details of movies from IMDB site

Featured on:
Softpedia: Imdb Grabber,

Read More View Demo Download from Github

PHP Canada Post Shipping Estimator

A simple PHP Class that connects with Canada Post Server and provides various shipping estimates easily

Read More Download from Github

jFile Chopper: A Desktop Program using Java

A simple program that allows you to chop any large file into smaller segments. You can specify the number of segments you wish to chop into. For example, if you have a 50mb file, you can split it into 5 different files, with each being 10 mb in size. You can then again use the program to merge the files into a large files. It runs on Windows, Mac and Unix. It was created back in 2005, my earliest year with Java.

Read More Download

C Graphic Calculator: A Basic Graphic Calculator using C

This is a Graphing Calculator I made many years ago (I think back in 2003). C was my first programming language, and I initially used my programming skills (Turbo C) for solving Mathematical Problems. It allows you to draw Trigonometric Graphics (Sin, Cos, Tan) etc. Its basic and very amateurish code (afterall it was among the very first program I created)

Note: requires MS DOS (Windows 98/XP) and in 256bit color.

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