jFile Chopper: A File Chopper Program using Java

This is a program i created back in 2005, during my initial years on Java. Its a simple program that allows you to chop any files, into smaller segments. You can specify the number of segments you wish to chop into. For example, if you have a 50mb file, you can split it into 5 different files, with each being 10 mb in size. You can then again use the program to merge the files into a large files.

This program also allows you to create a separate batch file (for Windows), so, if you are using Windows, you can split the files, and then you don’t even need the program the merge it. You can simply run the batch file to merge the splitted segments into the large original file.

Here’s the screenshot:

jFile Chopper Grab

ZIP File has been provided with details. Unzip the chopper.zip file and run the mainFrame.jar file. 😉